Conrad Poohs and his Dancing Teeth!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 19th, 2008

After what must be at least fifteen (count ‘em!!) long years, i finally got my ass around to seeing a dentist the other week for an inspection. The result: one measly cavity. Talk about dodging a bullet- i was sure that i’d have decayed enamel falling out of my mouth by this point, but apparently i take better care of my teeth than i thought. Hurrah for brushing twice a day. I went in yesterday for a major cleaning, get the cavity cleared out, and to take care of a molar that mysteriously chipped about a month ago.

Even more surprising that the cavity was so shallow, i didn’t even need a shot for the pain beforehand. Hell, the chipped tooth took longer to fix.

Chaosium update

Posted in Call of Cthulhu, Uncategorized on October 14th, 2007

Jeeezus, have i not updated this thing since July? Talk about lame.

I met with Charlie this last Wednesday evening, and we talked about present and future assignments over a nice dinner at Buffalo Bill’s. The short of it is that i’m to finish as much interstitial art as i can (refered to from here on out as “art bits”, because i’m too lazy to write “interstitial” all the fucking time) before the end of the month, and then i’ll be moving on to laying out another sourcebook. I think it’s another book to go along with the upcoming massive BRP rulesbook- which is, i forgot to mention before, the book in which all these art bits (see? there, i said it) that i’m doing are going into.

Before i left, i got a couple of books, including Secrets of Los Angeles. I cracked it open when i got home, and lo, what did i find inside by name in the credits. Woot!

So as of tonight i have 4 art bits completed, with another 6 that need inking. The inking is going pretty fast, and i should have the other 6 done sometime this week. That’ll free me up to finish sketching more bits, which i’ve already started doing.

Choco-crunch morningstar

Posted in Uncategorized on July 22nd, 2007

Thursday, me and one of my neighbors, Jen, went to go see Firefly at the Parkway. Jen is a recent Browncoat, recruited by me, after i’d loaned her the Firefly DVDs. And since neither of our significant others are into Firefly at all, we ended up going on our own. We arrived almost an hour before showtime, and there was already a huge line outside. Despite having to wait a while to get in (and wait even longer to get food), it was a real fun event. If it wasn’t a sellout crowd, it was damn close. No rabid fans, though people were singing the theme song during the opening credits. I might end up going to the next one, when they play the last 3 episodes.

Friday, Zept and i had dinner, then caught the new Harry Potter flick at the local indie theater here in town. Good, but not as good as the last two, and there some major subplots that they, i’m sure, had to drop because of screen time.

Yesterday we went to a hauswarming party for our friends Damion and Tina. Their new haus rocks, and the backyard they have is worthy of extreme enviousness.

Work lately has been a big hairy ball of stress. It feels lately (over the past two or three months) that we’re constantly under the gun. Thanks to this “Agile” method of software development, we’re doing these short production cycles of 3-4 weeks. Which basically means that we have a constant deadline hanging over our heads. Agile is supposed to help better manage time and all that, but i don’t see it. Just see engineers pulling the same late hours, and us freaking out at the end trying to get the software demos to work.

The band is in low gear right now. We’ve begun looking for a guitar player, Gavin’s moving, and the mixing process is starting up. So a lot of behind-the-scenes action, but nothing to show for it right now. So it goes.


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Boy i’m late in my posting here. I finished off all the bass tracks for the new album…uh, about 3 weeks ago, i think. I can’t remember simply because my brain is fried at the moment. But that sounds about right. I met with Paige this last weekend to listen to and comment on his vocal recordings. Overall, very good. i had some nits to pick, of course, but nothing major.

Tomorrow morning Zept and i take off for Convergence XIII in Portland. Looking forward to this, although i wish i could split myself in two and go to KublaCon at the same time. Dammit. I’ll have to wait until September before i can go to a gaming con. Alas.

Speaking of gaming stuff, i finished layout of a new book called “Mysteries of Hungary”. Right now i’m doing some artwork that may appear in Chaosium’s BRP tome. Unfortunately Duane’s Shambles game has been put off for release until later this year…however, that does give me more time to do my art for that project. As for DLI, that’s still in process. I’ll actually see them at Convergence and talk to Christian then. Our schedules have not been working out as of late. Hope to rectify that soon.

The drums are done.

Posted in Black Snake Moan on April 1st, 2007

We’ve just completed 20 hours of studio time over the weekend to record Gavin’s drums. I’ll write more later, and i’ve got some pix to upload, but i’m too pooped to really go into it. But i can say that it was a success. We thought (hoped) that we might have been able to get some other recording done with the other instruments, but it didn’t happen. Not a big deal.

Right now though, i’m grimy from studio funk, tired, and a bit sore in spots. Two Rockstar drinks didn’t have much of an affect on me. Going to bed.

A slight, quick update

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My apologies if I’ve seemed out of communication for a while. I’ve had several projects on my plate, many of which I’m either currently working on or will be working on shortly. To wit:

- Artwork assignments for a friend’s zombie RPG (first batch of art is finished, but there are new assignments that will be coming soon)

- Recording bass tracks for several DLI songs (had my first session last weekend; will be going in again some time in the coming weeks)

- Recording new album for Black Snake Moan (this begins the first weekend of March)

- Layout assignment from Chaosium for a new monograph book

- Art assignments from Chaosium for new BRP rulebook

This is in addition to working a regular job and band duties, and regular gaming night (which lately, has become less and less regular). I’m not bitching about any of this, trust me; I wouldn’t do any of it if it wasn’t fun. But in case I haven’t answered an email in a while or haven’t been reachable much, this is why.

We’re officially booked.

Posted in Uncategorized on January 23rd, 2007

We begin recording the new album at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland on the first weekend of March. Confidence is high. The recording engineer, Ryan, is very very cool and knowledgable, the facility is great, and we left the place Sunday with a great vibe. Meanwhile, pre-production continues behind the scenes.

On a different note, i started working out again the other week. More intensely than i have in the past, and it feels very good, though i’m sore a lot of the time…but it’s that good sore that one has when you know you’ve torn your muscles and they’re building themselves back. I need this.

Bit of catching up

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On the whole, i really can’t complain about 2006. I got a new job which was (and still is) a vast improvement over the previous one, a new car, and a new haus. Black Snake Moan played plenty of shows over the year, including some very choice ones at Blake’s and DNA Lounge. I finally saw my book “Secrets of San Francisco” released. Not trying to brag or anything here- merely trying to say how glad i am that ’06 didn’t suck.

Here’s some random interwebs stuff for you.

The Pillsbury Doughboy sure is ticklish…

Most people have seen Bruce Campbell’s commercial, but in case you haven’t…

And lastly, you may think of yourself as a pretty hardy drinker. Well, you’re wrong. Can you drink 119 beers in six hours, like Andre the Giant could? I think not.

Yuck. Sick.

Posted in Uncategorized on December 18th, 2006

I’ve got some nasty headcold or somesuch that’s knocked me around since…probably sometime Saturday. I felt it coming on pretty strongly at Chase’s party that night, but it really did me in yesterday. I had to bow out of practice and game, which pissed me off greatly, and i missed work today (which, admittedly, doesn’t piss me off as much). I’m a head full of snot at the moment. Not sure how tomorrow will fare. Meeeghhhuu.

Yet another reason why i hate the RIAA

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They’ve *never* given a shit about the musicians. Ever.