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The drums are done.

Posted in Black Snake Moan on April 1st, 2007

We’ve just completed 20 hours of studio time over the weekend to record Gavin’s drums. I’ll write more later, and i’ve got some pix to upload, but i’m too pooped to really go into it. But i can say that it was a success. We thought (hoped) that we might have been able to get some other recording done with the other instruments, but it didn’t happen. Not a big deal.

Right now though, i’m grimy from studio funk, tired, and a bit sore in spots. Two Rockstar drinks didn’t have much of an affect on me. Going to bed.

BSM- Cheers, Vacaville, CA – 8.10.06

Posted in Black Snake Moan on August 24th, 2006

First time playing in this town. We were asked to do this show by the guys in Malcontent, whom we played with at our last show in Concord. We do the load in dance, this time commuting (thanks goes to Gavin and Aki for letting us use their trucks for this), as the drive out there was about an hour each way. Thankfully traffic was light. I was worried that it would be hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum (i’d been checking the temps all day for Vacaville, and it had peaked at 102), but by the time we got there, it had cooled down to a pleasant, warm evening.

Cheers was what you’d expect- a bar with a small stage. Though this time the stage was sort of a blunt cone shape, which the sound guy assured us would allow us to hear each other just fine. Only problem is, we’d have to put our rigs *behind* Gavin and his drum set. Hmm. It ended up working, although later, Aki reported that he couldn’t hear me at all.

The first band was Suffocate the Creep, who unfortunately were lacking a bassist- they attempted to make up for this by doing a more or less acoustic show. Despite this, you could tell that they were really good, and it really made me want to hear them with a fleshed out line up. Next was Forcefed Trauma, who was more of a hardcore act. Really tight. I wish i could’ve heard the bass player more, but his rig was all the way in the back, and he was competing with two guitarists with stacks as big as his.

We were next. Things went a lot smoother this time out, tech-wise. I think we’ve gotten all that stuff ironed out. It’s fun to see how fast we can set up/break down. Playing-wise, too, i think we’ve gotten a lot better in a short amount of time (this being our 5th gig, not counting the Stork show)- we’ve gotten much tighter on stage, and there’s some good interaction going on. It was difficult, though, to judge the crowd reaction.

Would i play there again? Yeah, i think so. It turned out to be more enjoyable than the Concord gig as far as the crowd goes, and the place seems to draw plenty of people.

black Snake Moan – The Pound, S.F. – 5.20.06

Posted in Black Snake Moan, Uncategorized on May 25th, 2006

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this show. Rumours had been running rampant, over what a bastard WASP was to opening act, how Blackie Lawless would eat our children and pee in our gas tanks…at the very least, i figured that since we weren’t playing to our crowd at all, that we’d be lucky if we left the Pound will all our limbs intact. Because of this, i recruited my friend Duane to help out for the moving of gear around…and to watch our backs. Just in case.

The Pound has changed quite a bit since the last time i set foot on their stage (back in the SIFT days of a few years ago). They’ve built this giant steel and chain link wall encompassing the back lot, like some desperate compound right out of The Road Warrior. Does a good job of sealing in and protecting all us super important rawk stars, and keeping the rabble out. ;) WASP’s tour van was parked outside next to a large gate for easy access. We got there at 5, loaded our gear, and then basically hung out for the next few hours. At one point we weren’t allowed in the club, due to WASPs soundcheck. OooOoo. The high point of the afternoon was seeing His Royal Rockness Blackie Lawless escorted (yes!) by two guys from the bus into the club for soundcheck and back again. Not only was it incredibly moronic for him to insist on babysitters for this little stroll (like there’s anyone around who’s going to even want to approach this guy), but the ol’ Blackster was wearing those horrible, horrible short silk jogging shorts that are the same type Jim Fixx was wearing when he fucking croaked. No socks, tennis shoes. In between this ensemble were his skinny ass, pale legs.

I gotta say, after that sight, we weren’t feeling very intimidated anymore.

We come to find out that because of the huge backline for both WASP and Lizzy Borden, the drummers for the other three bands need to share kits. And that we’re to go on at 8pm. Huh? We’re told this at 7. Urk. Hurried phone calls to the few people who said they’d be showing up. As it turns out, between long soundchecks and set up, i don’t think we hit the stage until at least 8:30.

Our set came off sounding well, overall- though not without some technical problems, mostly stemming from the backing tracks. I guess we’ll need a shock case for the laptop. For the night, a towel did the trick. It was difficult to get comfortable on the stage- there was just too much crap on stage to run into/trip over/bonk my head against/snag with my bass. Proved difficult to get into a groove at times.

The new songs went over well, especially Magdalen (sic?)- i was real happy about that, as i really love that song. Watching the video of the show afterwards, i got goosebumps during that and a couple others. That, to me is the yardstick that i use to measure how into the stuff i’m playing means to me. If i can give myself chills, fucking right on.

Anyway. The crowd reception was better than i hoped, and we had people coming up to us afterwards giving us compliments. If only we’d played 2nd or 3rd on the bill, we would have had more exposure…oh well. I didn’t stick around for LB or WASP. I’d had enough too-tight spandex and feathered hair for one night.

Black Snake Moan – Blake’s, Berkeley – 2.18.06

Posted in Black Snake Moan, Uncategorized on February 22nd, 2006

Our first official gig, after the test run at the Stork…rain threatened to make loading our cars, and getting our gear into the club, a bit of a mess. Luckily we were able to escape most of the weather. Arriving at the front of Blake’s, i was greeted by a fellow (who later turned out to be a friend of Paige’s) who began to help haul our crap down the stairs into the basement. He told me he was a stagehand, and i assumed (wrongly) that he worked for Blake’s. At any rate, he was a huge help, and we all appreciated his presence.

Originally there were five bands scheduled, but one had to drop out (drummer got mono, or so i was told). We went on second. I feel compelled to compliment the soundguy running the board- he knew his stuff. We were extra punchy that night, soundwise. And i think i can say with confidence that we had a damn good show. High energy, no technical problems, good communication, very intense presence. Considering the fact that the four of us have only been together since October, we’ve really gelled quickly. I don’t mean to suck our own dicks, but we should give ourselves a lot of credit for that, because it showed on the stage. Sure, Paige blew his voice out early, and we all had our little flubs here and there. But what was important was that we had fun, and the crowd really dug us.

Speaking of the crowd, what a turn out! We had by far the biggest crowd out of all the bands, including the headliner. Amazing. Big, big thanks to all of my friends who showed up. It wouldn’t have been half as thrilling if you weren’t there. I hope we put on a good show for you. If you didn’t enjoy yourselves…well, then it was all just public masturbation.

Within one short half hour, it was over- we hastily grabbed our crap off the stage, in between sweaty and loud thank yous and handshakes; the next band, just as eager to put on a great set, was already hauling their gear onstage. I hung out for a bit, thanked some more people, loaded my equipment into my car, and headed home.

Then i went and geeked out at a gaming convention for the rest of the weekend, but you don’t want to hear about that. ;)

Black Snake Moan – Stork Club, Oakland – 2.5.06

Posted in Black Snake Moan, Uncategorized on February 11th, 2006

The Festival of Capes! Apparently someone wasn’t paying attention when they watched The Incredibles. Anyway, we did this show as a warm up gig for the upcoming show at Blake’s, and it’s a good thing we did. More on that in a bit.

It was quite an eclectic mix of bands, mostly leaning towards the alt-rock side. At least, that’s true of the ones i saw- i missed quite a number of bands due to the fact that we weren’t scheduled to go on until 10, and the show started at 5. I can now say that i’ve seen my first rock band to be fronted by a hand puppet. Bunny Numpkins and the Kill Blowup Reaction. No, i’m not kidding. And they were good, too.

We were the last band of the night, and we ended up going on stage at around…uh, 12:30am, i think. Very very small stage. We were pretty tight, though there were some meter fluctuations, small flubs here and there by everyone (except Gavin, though he insists that he made mistakes somewhere). There were technical problems with the backing tracks during the beginning of the show- nothing that would have killed it for us, but definitely would have egg on our face if we’d done this at Blake’s. Instead, this turned out to be a very good exercise for us on many levels. I’m excited for our next show.