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Wherein i have an ugly flashback to soccer moms and mini-vans.

Posted in Uncategorized on July 26th, 2005

Am i the only one who’s seeing this proliferation of “Baby On Board” signs? I hope it is just me. Because if it isn’t, then that means that retarded trend is *coming back*, and that thought makes me cower more than if a hoarde of hungry zombies were looking to snack on my braincase. Say it ain’t so.

In unrelated news, i took part in my first political protest since…i don’t remember when. Saturday was the day for a march protesting the megaplex and parking garage in Alameda, so Ztepf and i walked on over, with Ztepf’s sign in tow, and met up with about 70 other people…lot more participants than i expected. It was fun, tension free for the most part, peaceful. Got a *lot* of passersby in cars honking at us. A few people shouting at us that “we want one!”. Whatever. Their opinion. Spent the rest of the day trying our damndest to avoid the heat.

First stage of my sketches is done. Now i need to get a scanner, scan the drawings, and finish ‘em off. Piece o’ cake. Might even put a couple up here to share.

I’m calling this week on account of suck.

Posted in Uncategorized on July 21st, 2005

Jeezus, what the fuck’s going on here? I think i’m on some weird cycle where i have a good day balanced out by a horrible one. Only now, i have a great day followed by a miserable week. Read the rest of this entry »

Today was a damn good day.

Posted in Uncategorized on July 14th, 2005

Why? Three reasons.

1) Met with the Chaosium guys today, for them to go over the artwork i’ve done so far, and to discuss my layout work. Positive feedback on both things, along with some helpful tips to make both aspects of the book better. Was rather nervous about the art, because i haven’t ever submitted anything to an RPG before. But they liked it. Woot!

2) Made some calls, and found out that my insurance *will* cover almost all of an upcoming surgery i need (get the tonsils ripped out). Big fookin’ relief on that. Surgery may happen as soon as August.

3) Last but very not least, today is officially Ztepf’s and my anniversary together! Five years…and it just doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Even though we’re doing a long weekend getaway next week, we decided to celebrate a little and have sushi at a joint Gwen recommended. Yokohama, for those of you on the island. *Damn* good food, nice atmosphere, great serivce. Hell yeah we’ll be back. Still, i have to wonder…the place *is* next door to a fish/aquarium store…

So yeah. It was a good day. I didn’t even have to use my AK.

Wherein i mostly talk about life sucking.

Posted in Uncategorized on July 12th, 2005

I’m just gonna start at the most recent and work my way back here. But first a little backstory. My current employer, Mercury, that cocksmoking, money-grubbing, cuntweasel of a company, is extremely profit and sales driven. Seems like all they give a shit about is licking the ballsacs of their board of directors. So when they didn’t meet their projected sales this last quarter (which really means that, no, citizens, we made a profit, but we didn’t make *enough* of a profit), emails from higher ups immediately went out, and a lot of “proactive restructuring” phrasing was used. For those of you who aren’t up on your Corporatespeak (and be glad you’re not), that translates into LAYOFFS. Needless to say, everyone has been running around shit-in-their-pants scared, waiting to find out if they’ve gotten the axe.

Well, that sword of Damoclese fell today. And our boss got hit.

Which sucks ass vapor. Kim was actually a boss that i liked, had worked in the same depts and same levels as Ztepf and i had, so there was total respect. She didn’t care that we were freaks, and probably kind of enjoyed that we were in her group. And, it figures, this happened on a day that i work from home.

The other main bad news is that unfortunately, my dad did lose his big toe. Bone was too infected, and the doktors just had to cut the fucker off. Good thing is, my pops will be recovering a lot faster (2-3 weeks), which is going to do wonders for his mental health. I know he’s been going batshit stuck in a wheelchair all these weeks. Thanks to everyone who offered their condolences. They were much appreciated.

On to happier things. I saw “War Of the Worlds” with my dad last weekend. No, wait – that’s not happy. I mean, spending time with my dad was happy. The movie was not happy. The movie was rather Errr Garr Blow Shit Up Humanity Is Doomed Tom Cruise Looking Panicked EMPs Aliens Look Whack…butthentheycatchanastybuganddietheend. No kidding, that’s how it ended. Was great until the very end, at which point the movie took a giant dump into its pants that filled the entire theater with the rank smell of feces. Ick.

Okay, this is really happy news, i swear. Ztepf and i are going to romp around Carmel and Monterey celebrating our 5 year anniversary in a couple of weeks. Seals, FEAR US.

My Cthulhu gaming group will finally come out of hiatus this Sunday. Can’t fucking wait.

Am almost ready to install OS X Tiger on my machine. Will let y’all know how it goes. Also updated iTunes so i can do the Podcast thang. Have i mentioned lately how much i heart my iPod?

Runnin’ around

Posted in Uncategorized on July 2nd, 2005

Ztepf and i did a lot of running around today, mostly spent in the south bay. Ended up not having enough time to get my new cell phone. Ass. Will have to get it tomorrow. And Rasputin’s utterly fucking failed me. Rare, that.

The good news is (and it’s *real* good news) that the artist that i wanted desperately to do more art assignments for the Cthulhu sourcebook i’ve been working on got back to me a couple days ago and said that he’s up for it, and can meet the deadline. Hot damn!!

The artist in question is Paul Carrick. I’ll be happy to pimp his work here.