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Posted in Uncategorized on October 18th, 2005

I started reading Rollins again. Haven’t done that in quite a while. I used to snatch up every single book of his when it hit the stores, but i’ve been lax a bit. This particular one, “Broken Summers”, focuses on his recording of the Black Flag West Memphis Three benefit album (which you should research right now- go to to read up on this travesty of a case, then go buy the album, watch the two documentaries made about it, and be prepared to get very, very angry), and the tour that followed.

It’s a great book, as usual, and it’s fascinating to discover all the bullshit Rollins went through to get the album made. But i’d forgotten what kind of headspace it puts me in when i start reading Henry’s stuff. There are a lot of emotions and thoughts that he keys into that mirror my own, and oftentimes i forget about such things until Rollins somehow peels away the layers of bullshit to find those bones of truth that most of us would rather avoid. It puts me in an odd headspace, one that i’m not sure how to ever get out of. Sometimes i don’t want to.

Work isn’t helping matters. Our new team lead showed up today for the first time, and honestly, i could give two shits. Like i could give two shits about my entire company. Honestly, it’s rather fun, in a sick way, to watch the place fall apart around me. I just don’t care. This place means nothing to me except a paycheck. Obviously, it’s time to move on to something else.

On a positive side, i’m getting the final layout of the book done. Will try to meet with Charlie to go over it, see what he thinks. Right now, i’m guessing this baby will be @ 180 pages, but it’s hard to say for sure. I want to build an appendix that will contain maps and handouts, but we’ll see.

Ah, christ, i almost forgot- Ztepf and i went to Johnny and Tabby’s wedding on Saturday. Just amazing. Tabby was drop dead gorgeous in her dress (everyone’s jaw hit the floor when she walked in), Johnny got all choked up during his vows…they had a great Halloween/fall theme going. A pumpkin was even used for part of their vows. So great.

Vacuum cleaner = hard on?

Posted in Uncategorized on October 13th, 2005

Is it possible to pitch a tent over an appliance like a vacuum cleaner? ‘Cause man, the one we got last night is just dreamy.

What was horrifying, however, was to see all the gunk and dirt and crap that the old vacuum cleaner *didn’t* get. Blegh.

Busy day

Posted in Uncategorized on October 9th, 2005

Man i’ve been lazy about posting here lately.

Went shopping for a bed this morning. Nothing actually purchased, but we did find a mattress or two that we like- also discovered that we can get a bit of the price knocked off if we don’t get the box spring as well…this changes things, and we’ll have to revise our earlier research.
Then zoomed off to band practice, during which we auditioned two drummers. One was better than the other, though there’s some disagreement within the band as to whom was the superior drummer. More discussion on this Tuesday, i think. The trick this time out is that BSM uses a lot of sequences, which requires the drummer to lock in with a click track. Easier said than done.
After that, some game prep, and it was off to game. Good night, managed to end it on another cliffhanger (which i so love to do…).

*Still* have not seen Serenity. Gawddemmit.

As of two days ago, the Call of Cthulhu book i’m working on is art complete. If i can find the time, i’ll post a couple of examples up here. I’m now officially in final layout stage. About fucking time. Quark’s being a turd, however, and crashing every once in a while. Anyway, time for the last push for this bastard. How long has it been? Three years since i started on it? Sheesh.