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All apologies

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31st, 2005

Just wanted to send out an apology for anyone whom i’ve neglected in the past half month. Between the holidays, guests from out of town, and my job forcing me to work 10+ hours a day this week, not to mention tomorrow until midnight, i haven’t had much time for…well, anything, really. Or anyone. I’m only just now getting caught up on email.

The holidays themselves haven’t helped my mood, either. I dunno why, but for the past three or four years, the onset of x-mess and new years and my birthday (all kind of spread equally apart) has caused me to be bummed out, grumpy, and not very pleasant to be around. I’ve never been a big NYE guy to begin with, but nowadays, i’m almost kind of glad i’ll be stuck at work, just so i can avoid the whole event. Mrf.

X-mess itself was very nice. Our friend Paul was visiting friends and family from out of town, and he crashed at our place the night before. Great to see him again. Saw my dad again, too, which was great. Foot’s completely healed, and he’s out of that cursed wheelchair. Even looking for work now. W00t! Steph was feeling like ass, so i went to Ben and Wanda’s for x-mess dinner, where we watched a bit of Brothers Grimm (which, i’m sad to say, was not very good at all), and quite possibly the most horrific South Park episode i’ve ever seen.

I’m also happy to say that i’m now the proud owner of both Firefly and Serenity, and am watching them whenever i have free time (which means never, at the moment).

To the guy who smashed my car window…

Posted in Uncategorized on December 13th, 2005

I just wanna say thanks. It was keen walking out to my car at 12:30am to find my rear driver’s side window busted in. You’ve restored my lack of faith in humanity, and demonstrated that yes, people are shit. I’m sure the owners of the two vehicles, whose windows were also destroyed, appreciate your skill with blunt objects as well. Bravo. Because you know, it’s not like i needed the $238.00 i had to spend to get the window replaced on things like X-Mess presents. Or medical bills. Or food. Hell, maybe a charity. Naw, you made sure that i toss that money away on something that was working perfectly before you came along.

So here’s to you, pal. Good for you proving that you’re a worthless, cum-guzzling fuckwad. Cheers.

Oh, and Will- your neighborhood is fired. No offense.