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Things i learned at my first day at work.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 26th, 2006

-My job and coworkers are very cool.

-However, working across the street from Giants ballpark sucks. Especially when there’s a day game.

-Everyone has iPods downtown. EVERYone. Even the homeless.

-Speaking of, is it just me, or has the homeless problem gotten worse?

-Primo Patio rocks as much now as it did 8 years ago when i worked in the same area.

-And lastly, the City still hasn’t been the same since Herb Caen died.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 24th, 2006

In celebration of my new job, amongst other things, i decided to have some fun. To wit:

Monday we sauntered over to Dark Carnival and hung out there for a few hours before having a nice dinner and zooming off to Death Guild. We met up with Aki and mostly hung out and chatted with him, though a little dancing was undertaken.

Tuesday was spent puttering around the haus, going to Chaosium to talk to Charlie about my next book (i also got copies of Secrets of San Francisco-huzzah!!), then having practice that night. Gavin was still off traipsing around the Galapagos Islands, so we were still drummerless at this point. Despite that, we were still able to get some work done. We’ve got a couple of new songs in the works, and we hope to have them ready by the time of our next show.

Wednesday, we took a road trip down to Santa Cruz and visited our favorite restaurant, the Saturn Cafe. Yes, me actually enjoying a veggie restaurant. I hardly believe it myself. Record and book shopping were also the order of the day. Picked up the brand new Killing Joke for myself, while Zept got the latest RevCo (which, after listening to it in the car later, is a damn good album- can’t wait to see them next month!). Our next destination was the Brookdale Lodge, but upon arrival, we discovered that their dining room was closed that night. We were offered the karaoke bar as an alternative, but based on the horrific warblings that we could hear, we passed. Instead, we extended our trip through the mountains and took a leisurely drive up Skyline, and eventually arrived at Bella Vista, which i think is probably the swankiest place i’ve ever eaten at. The maitre’d was in a tux, fer chrissakes. And the food was amazing.

Thursday we took a trip by ferry from the island to S.F, with the intention of going to Alacatraz. But stupid us wrongly thought that we could just walk up and get tickets; we found out once we got to Pier 41 that tix were sold out a week in advance. Undaunted, we proceeded to have fun at Pier 39 and allowed ourselves to get caught up in the horrible touristiness of it all. We went to the aquarium, which i’d yet to see, and had some really crappy food. Good fun, all in all, the highlight being the ferry rides to and fro.

Friday was spent cleaning the haus in preparation for Saturday. In the evening, Sherpa came over to watch Brazil with us (she had never seen it before, and i had recently purchased the Criterion edition).

Saturday involved more cleaning and running around. It was more of a Waning Moon Party than a FMP, but we still had a grand time. After a short gathering at our place, we drove over to the new tiki bar in town, Forbidden Island, to meet up with other friends who were already there. Forbidden Island had their grand opening that night, so there was quite the line to get inside. Very neat place, with a great selection of tropical drinks. I had, on the advice from Vegas Johnny, a Zombie. Ouch. After hanging out there for a bit, we retreated back to our place, where the party continued.

Sunday consisted of practice again, then zooming off to Black and Blue for some fill in work. I got the right arm completed, and i’ll be posting pictures soon. Practice went well- we’d been working without Gavin for basically two weeks, but things flowed nicely, and the set sounded really tight. I’m anxious to play these new songs in front of people.

So today marks my last day before the new job. Eeeeeeek!

Well. That was quite a week (pt 1).

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A couple of saturdays ago, half delirious from working all day, right after pulling a 12 hour day the night before, i drove up to Vacaville and finally got my new car: (if it wasn’t fucking raining all the damn time, i’d be able to take pictures and post them here)

It’s a 2001 Jetta, with 53000 miles on it. Exactly what i wanted, really. Heck, it even has a few bells and whistles that i wasn’t even anticipating. And i gotta say i love the thing. Problem is, i still haven’t come up with a name for it.

Then last Friday, i got word that i landed a new job! I’d interviewed twice with this company over the past couple weeks or so, and got a call from my new boss telling me the good news. It’s a software company called Zinio, and they do digital magazine subscription service/software. I’ll be doing QA for them, so none of this pointless, mind-sedating data cleanup bullshit for a company that will most likely implode in a very messy death a year or two from now. The product seems pretty interesting, i’ll be working a lot closer to home (S.F., instead of that wasteland of brad clones and corporate assmongers called Mountain View), and i’m getting paid a *lot* more. BAM!

Over this last weekend, i saw both Slither and V for Vendetta…talk about your diametrically opposed movies. Both are terrific in their own ways- Slither is supreme gross out horror/comedy fun. I mean, you’ve got Mal Reynolds fighting tentacly evil from beyond the stars, fer chrissakes! V is an entirely different beast, but no less entertaining. Damn moving film, i thought. I know, i know, Alan Moore is eternally pissed off anytime someone from the film industry comes within 500 yards of him, but it was still a great flick.