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Steph and i just finished watching her DVD of The Dresden Dolls live show. Seeing stuff like that always makes me want to get on stage RIGHT FUCKING NOW AND START PLAYING.

But then i realized that i have a show on the 17th, so i calmed down a bit.

Oh, and DD’s drummer is really fucking good. Amanda ain’t bad either. Good use of dynamics, which hardly anyone seems to know how to use anymore.

black Snake Moan – The Pound, S.F. – 5.20.06

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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this show. Rumours had been running rampant, over what a bastard WASP was to opening act, how Blackie Lawless would eat our children and pee in our gas tanks…at the very least, i figured that since we weren’t playing to our crowd at all, that we’d be lucky if we left the Pound will all our limbs intact. Because of this, i recruited my friend Duane to help out for the moving of gear around…and to watch our backs. Just in case.

The Pound has changed quite a bit since the last time i set foot on their stage (back in the SIFT days of a few years ago). They’ve built this giant steel and chain link wall encompassing the back lot, like some desperate compound right out of The Road Warrior. Does a good job of sealing in and protecting all us super important rawk stars, and keeping the rabble out. ;) WASP’s tour van was parked outside next to a large gate for easy access. We got there at 5, loaded our gear, and then basically hung out for the next few hours. At one point we weren’t allowed in the club, due to WASPs soundcheck. OooOoo. The high point of the afternoon was seeing His Royal Rockness Blackie Lawless escorted (yes!) by two guys from the bus into the club for soundcheck and back again. Not only was it incredibly moronic for him to insist on babysitters for this little stroll (like there’s anyone around who’s going to even want to approach this guy), but the ol’ Blackster was wearing those horrible, horrible short silk jogging shorts that are the same type Jim Fixx was wearing when he fucking croaked. No socks, tennis shoes. In between this ensemble were his skinny ass, pale legs.

I gotta say, after that sight, we weren’t feeling very intimidated anymore.

We come to find out that because of the huge backline for both WASP and Lizzy Borden, the drummers for the other three bands need to share kits. And that we’re to go on at 8pm. Huh? We’re told this at 7. Urk. Hurried phone calls to the few people who said they’d be showing up. As it turns out, between long soundchecks and set up, i don’t think we hit the stage until at least 8:30.

Our set came off sounding well, overall- though not without some technical problems, mostly stemming from the backing tracks. I guess we’ll need a shock case for the laptop. For the night, a towel did the trick. It was difficult to get comfortable on the stage- there was just too much crap on stage to run into/trip over/bonk my head against/snag with my bass. Proved difficult to get into a groove at times.

The new songs went over well, especially Magdalen (sic?)- i was real happy about that, as i really love that song. Watching the video of the show afterwards, i got goosebumps during that and a couple others. That, to me is the yardstick that i use to measure how into the stuff i’m playing means to me. If i can give myself chills, fucking right on.

Anyway. The crowd reception was better than i hoped, and we had people coming up to us afterwards giving us compliments. If only we’d played 2nd or 3rd on the bill, we would have had more exposure…oh well. I didn’t stick around for LB or WASP. I’d had enough too-tight spandex and feathered hair for one night.

Additional thoughts on the job…

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In addition to getting paid to look at boobies (thanks to Playboy and Penthouse being two of the publications we sell), i get to discover all of the unusual, unique, and awe inspiring magazines that i wasn’t until now aware of. Rags like…International Cement Review! And Scottish Farmer! And (cue spooooky music) Prediction Magazine! Or my personal favorite…Elevator World!!