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BSM- Cheers, Vacaville, CA – 8.10.06

Posted in Black Snake Moan on August 24th, 2006

First time playing in this town. We were asked to do this show by the guys in Malcontent, whom we played with at our last show in Concord. We do the load in dance, this time commuting (thanks goes to Gavin and Aki for letting us use their trucks for this), as the drive out there was about an hour each way. Thankfully traffic was light. I was worried that it would be hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum (i’d been checking the temps all day for Vacaville, and it had peaked at 102), but by the time we got there, it had cooled down to a pleasant, warm evening.

Cheers was what you’d expect- a bar with a small stage. Though this time the stage was sort of a blunt cone shape, which the sound guy assured us would allow us to hear each other just fine. Only problem is, we’d have to put our rigs *behind* Gavin and his drum set. Hmm. It ended up working, although later, Aki reported that he couldn’t hear me at all.

The first band was Suffocate the Creep, who unfortunately were lacking a bassist- they attempted to make up for this by doing a more or less acoustic show. Despite this, you could tell that they were really good, and it really made me want to hear them with a fleshed out line up. Next was Forcefed Trauma, who was more of a hardcore act. Really tight. I wish i could’ve heard the bass player more, but his rig was all the way in the back, and he was competing with two guitarists with stacks as big as his.

We were next. Things went a lot smoother this time out, tech-wise. I think we’ve gotten all that stuff ironed out. It’s fun to see how fast we can set up/break down. Playing-wise, too, i think we’ve gotten a lot better in a short amount of time (this being our 5th gig, not counting the Stork show)- we’ve gotten much tighter on stage, and there’s some good interaction going on. It was difficult, though, to judge the crowd reaction.

Would i play there again? Yeah, i think so. It turned out to be more enjoyable than the Concord gig as far as the crowd goes, and the place seems to draw plenty of people.