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After being at work for 11 hours, and then having a rather crappy practice as far as my playing goes, i’m in a foul fucking mood. I wonder if i’m PMSing or something.

Okay, it’s geeky.

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But so what. I’m not that into cosplay (although some may argue that point since i tend to go a bit nuts during Hallowe’en), but i gotta admit that these look waaaay cool:

Armoured badasses

More badasses

Black Snake Moan- Johnny V’s, San Jose, CA – 10.1.06

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Hm. Really not sure where to start with this gig. There had been a cloud of uncertainty regarding it for a while, mostly involving the question of what other bands, if any, would be playing on the bill with us. The only other act more-or-less confirmed was a band from the east coast called Isadora. But we’d been confirmed, so off we go. Johnny V’s (i’d never heard of the place before) turns out to be a (very) small club in downtown- like, 48 listed capacity small. We load in, noting that we’re the only people there besides the soundguy (very affable gentleman named Eagle) in the club. Hmm. No matter. We hang around a bit, and we’re then asked if we wouldn’t mind setting up, since we’re the only band at the club. We leisurely begin to get our gear on stage.

At one point earlier in the evening, Aki had mentioned reading somewhere that Isadora was actually scheduled to play in Ventura, CA. Which is, uh, definitely not San Jose. It’s soon obvious to us that, not only is Isadora not coming to play here, *no* one is playing with us that night. All right…

We set up, and start playing. 9 song set, with a new tune, “The Slow”, right at the beginning. The 8 or so people who were there seemed to dig it. We did okay, not our tightest set, but we had good energy. Extremely small stage, so there wasn’t anywhere to move. Once we were done, and began to break down, we were asked to play our set again! We politely declined, but it was flattering. In the end, whilst this may not have been a great gig as far as attendance goes, we made good contact with the club (who wants us back on a much better night) and with a friend of Aki’s who’s putting together some goth/industrial shows in the south bay.

Oh yeah, one last thing- SJ pigs still suck ass.