Merry New Year!

It seems that the work hell is finally over for us- no more 10+ hour days, no more working holidays. But the company has been de-listed from NASDAQ, people are starting to jump ship, so it looks like the mass exodus is beginning. Now all there is to do is wait for the firings to come down. W00t!

Busy weekend, and i knew it was going to be. Friday Ztepf and i hung out at our friend Melissa’s haus, drank an ungodly amount of wine and port, and got home waaaay later than i expected. Which caused me to sleep in until, uh, 2pm. Whoops. Met up with Ziad and Rimma that evening for sushi and vintage pinball, Lucky JuJu style. (i could swear, tho, that the price went up there. Didn’t it used to just be $5?)

And today was…jeez, lots ‘o running around- first band practice, then to S.F. for a final tattoo consultation, then back over the bay to game. New tats are going to look frikkin’ awesome, imho. Next sunday the inking begins. Hot damn!

I’ve decided to stat keeping track of all the books i read this year, for shits and giggles. Since i read so much, i’m curious as to how many books in one year i consume, and see what trends may crop up. I’ll be posting it on the main page on my site, in the odd chance that anyone is interested.

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