Exercise in Frustration

I’m not sure i accomplished one thing yesterday that i set out to do. The big plan started with Ztepf and i going to IHOP to have a nice, hearty breakfast before going to Black and Blue Tattoo. Well, stupid me forgot that breakfast place + Sunday = Very Bad Idea If You’re On A Tight Schedule. It, and every other breakfast joint we attempted, was crowded. So we nixed that idea. Grabbed something else, zoomed off to Black and Blue.

I’d been working with Idexa for a couple months on the design, and i thought we were there as far as it being complete. But when i saw her latest drawing, i didn’t like it as much. So we went back to the first one, tried to revise that some more…after two hours, though, it was obvious that it wasn’t happening. We were both disappointed, as we thought today was the day. I keep telling myself that the short term regret i feel now is worth not rushing it and getting stuck with two very visible tattoos that i’m not %100 happy with. But goddammit…i’ve rescheduled an appointment for late February, and in the mean time, i’m going to take yet another stab at designing it myself, taking what Idexa’s done already and see if i can massage it more to my liking.

After we got back, we thought we’d try to get some more sheets for our new bed. Ztepf and i quickly discovered that if you don’t have a *California* King sized bed, but just a regular King, that you’re fucked. Store after store had nothing for us. Cocksmokers. Looks like we’ll be ordering online. Feh. So to console myself, i played WoW the rest of the night. Okay, completing virtual quests in a computer game isn’t much, but dammit, at least i completed *something* that day.

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