Black Snake Moan – Blake’s, Berkeley – 2.18.06

Our first official gig, after the test run at the Stork…rain threatened to make loading our cars, and getting our gear into the club, a bit of a mess. Luckily we were able to escape most of the weather. Arriving at the front of Blake’s, i was greeted by a fellow (who later turned out to be a friend of Paige’s) who began to help haul our crap down the stairs into the basement. He told me he was a stagehand, and i assumed (wrongly) that he worked for Blake’s. At any rate, he was a huge help, and we all appreciated his presence.

Originally there were five bands scheduled, but one had to drop out (drummer got mono, or so i was told). We went on second. I feel compelled to compliment the soundguy running the board- he knew his stuff. We were extra punchy that night, soundwise. And i think i can say with confidence that we had a damn good show. High energy, no technical problems, good communication, very intense presence. Considering the fact that the four of us have only been together since October, we’ve really gelled quickly. I don’t mean to suck our own dicks, but we should give ourselves a lot of credit for that, because it showed on the stage. Sure, Paige blew his voice out early, and we all had our little flubs here and there. But what was important was that we had fun, and the crowd really dug us.

Speaking of the crowd, what a turn out! We had by far the biggest crowd out of all the bands, including the headliner. Amazing. Big, big thanks to all of my friends who showed up. It wouldn’t have been half as thrilling if you weren’t there. I hope we put on a good show for you. If you didn’t enjoy yourselves…well, then it was all just public masturbation.

Within one short half hour, it was over- we hastily grabbed our crap off the stage, in between sweaty and loud thank yous and handshakes; the next band, just as eager to put on a great set, was already hauling their gear onstage. I hung out for a bit, thanked some more people, loaded my equipment into my car, and headed home.

Then i went and geeked out at a gaming convention for the rest of the weekend, but you don’t want to hear about that. ;)

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