Well. That was quite a week (pt 1).

A couple of saturdays ago, half delirious from working all day, right after pulling a 12 hour day the night before, i drove up to Vacaville and finally got my new car: (if it wasn’t fucking raining all the damn time, i’d be able to take pictures and post them here)

It’s a 2001 Jetta, with 53000 miles on it. Exactly what i wanted, really. Heck, it even has a few bells and whistles that i wasn’t even anticipating. And i gotta say i love the thing. Problem is, i still haven’t come up with a name for it.

Then last Friday, i got word that i landed a new job! I’d interviewed twice with this company over the past couple weeks or so, and got a call from my new boss telling me the good news. It’s a software company called Zinio, and they do digital magazine subscription service/software. I’ll be doing QA for them, so none of this pointless, mind-sedating data cleanup bullshit for a company that will most likely implode in a very messy death a year or two from now. The product seems pretty interesting, i’ll be working a lot closer to home (S.F., instead of that wasteland of brad clones and corporate assmongers called Mountain View), and i’m getting paid a *lot* more. BAM!

Over this last weekend, i saw both Slither and V for Vendetta…talk about your diametrically opposed movies. Both are terrific in their own ways- Slither is supreme gross out horror/comedy fun. I mean, you’ve got Mal Reynolds fighting tentacly evil from beyond the stars, fer chrissakes! V is an entirely different beast, but no less entertaining. Damn moving film, i thought. I know, i know, Alan Moore is eternally pissed off anytime someone from the film industry comes within 500 yards of him, but it was still a great flick.

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