Bit of catching up

On the whole, i really can’t complain about 2006. I got a new job which was (and still is) a vast improvement over the previous one, a new car, and a new haus. Black Snake Moan played plenty of shows over the year, including some very choice ones at Blake’s and DNA Lounge. I finally saw my book “Secrets of San Francisco” released. Not trying to brag or anything here- merely trying to say how glad i am that ’06 didn’t suck.

Here’s some random interwebs stuff for you.

The Pillsbury Doughboy sure is ticklish…

Most people have seen Bruce Campbell’s commercial, but in case you haven’t…

And lastly, you may think of yourself as a pretty hardy drinker. Well, you’re wrong. Can you drink 119 beers in six hours, like Andre the Giant could? I think not.

2 Responses to “Bit of catching up”

  1. toto toilets Says:

    Revenge is sweet.

  2. atlas india Says:

    This really answered my downside, thanks!