We’re officially booked.

We begin recording the new album at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland on the first weekend of March. Confidence is high. The recording engineer, Ryan, is very very cool and knowledgable, the facility is great, and we left the place Sunday with a great vibe. Meanwhile, pre-production continues behind the scenes.

On a different note, i started working out again the other week. More intensely than i have in the past, and it feels very good, though i’m sore a lot of the time…but it’s that good sore that one has when you know you’ve torn your muscles and they’re building themselves back. I need this.

One Response to “We’re officially booked.”

  1. Jas Says:

    I am glad to see people I know who began to achieve, then do, their dreams. Like I said, your Band, BSM, is more then what it does and is. I hope only the best for you guys,
    and the boys
    GODSPEED my little badger with long tangling things coming from thy mouth!

    Always, Jason