A slight, quick update

My apologies if I’ve seemed out of communication for a while. I’ve had several projects on my plate, many of which I’m either currently working on or will be working on shortly. To wit:

- Artwork assignments for a friend’s zombie RPG (first batch of art is finished, but there are new assignments that will be coming soon)

- Recording bass tracks for several DLI songs (had my first session last weekend; will be going in again some time in the coming weeks)

- Recording new album for Black Snake Moan (this begins the first weekend of March)

- Layout assignment from Chaosium for a new monograph book

- Art assignments from Chaosium for new BRP rulebook

This is in addition to working a regular job and band duties, and regular gaming night (which lately, has become less and less regular). I’m not bitching about any of this, trust me; I wouldn’t do any of it if it wasn’t fun. But in case I haven’t answered an email in a while or haven’t been reachable much, this is why.

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