Boy i’m late in my posting here. I finished off all the bass tracks for the new album…uh, about 3 weeks ago, i think. I can’t remember simply because my brain is fried at the moment. But that sounds about right. I met with Paige this last weekend to listen to and comment on his vocal recordings. Overall, very good. i had some nits to pick, of course, but nothing major.

Tomorrow morning Zept and i take off for Convergence XIII in Portland. Looking forward to this, although i wish i could split myself in two and go to KublaCon at the same time. Dammit. I’ll have to wait until September before i can go to a gaming con. Alas.

Speaking of gaming stuff, i finished layout of a new book called “Mysteries of Hungary”. Right now i’m doing some artwork that may appear in Chaosium’s BRP tome. Unfortunately Duane’s Shambles game has been put off for release until later this year…however, that does give me more time to do my art for that project. As for DLI, that’s still in process. I’ll actually see them at Convergence and talk to Christian then. Our schedules have not been working out as of late. Hope to rectify that soon.

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