Choco-crunch morningstar

Thursday, me and one of my neighbors, Jen, went to go see Firefly at the Parkway. Jen is a recent Browncoat, recruited by me, after i’d loaned her the Firefly DVDs. And since neither of our significant others are into Firefly at all, we ended up going on our own. We arrived almost an hour before showtime, and there was already a huge line outside. Despite having to wait a while to get in (and wait even longer to get food), it was a real fun event. If it wasn’t a sellout crowd, it was damn close. No rabid fans, though people were singing the theme song during the opening credits. I might end up going to the next one, when they play the last 3 episodes.

Friday, Zept and i had dinner, then caught the new Harry Potter flick at the local indie theater here in town. Good, but not as good as the last two, and there some major subplots that they, i’m sure, had to drop because of screen time.

Yesterday we went to a hauswarming party for our friends Damion and Tina. Their new haus rocks, and the backyard they have is worthy of extreme enviousness.

Work lately has been a big hairy ball of stress. It feels lately (over the past two or three months) that we’re constantly under the gun. Thanks to this “Agile” method of software development, we’re doing these short production cycles of 3-4 weeks. Which basically means that we have a constant deadline hanging over our heads. Agile is supposed to help better manage time and all that, but i don’t see it. Just see engineers pulling the same late hours, and us freaking out at the end trying to get the software demos to work.

The band is in low gear right now. We’ve begun looking for a guitar player, Gavin’s moving, and the mixing process is starting up. So a lot of behind-the-scenes action, but nothing to show for it right now. So it goes.

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