Chaosium update

Jeeezus, have i not updated this thing since July? Talk about lame.

I met with Charlie this last Wednesday evening, and we talked about present and future assignments over a nice dinner at Buffalo Bill’s. The short of it is that i’m to finish as much interstitial art as i can (refered to from here on out as “art bits”, because i’m too lazy to write “interstitial” all the fucking time) before the end of the month, and then i’ll be moving on to laying out another sourcebook. I think it’s another book to go along with the upcoming massive BRP rulesbook- which is, i forgot to mention before, the book in which all these art bits (see? there, i said it) that i’m doing are going into.

Before i left, i got a couple of books, including Secrets of Los Angeles. I cracked it open when i got home, and lo, what did i find inside by name in the credits. Woot!

So as of tonight i have 4 art bits completed, with another 6 that need inking. The inking is going pretty fast, and i should have the other 6 done sometime this week. That’ll free me up to finish sketching more bits, which i’ve already started doing.

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